Nashville Tennessee Art

Cocktails in hand, great views of the Tennessee River and a good dose of Nashville history and culture at the same time.

To take advantage of this offer, all bookings must be made in one of the participating hotels in the city centre and must be made by 31 / 08 / 20. Reservations are valid for all participating brands and resorts, but dates may vary depending on the accommodation. We are determined to make sure that you stay safe and well in our hotels and museums. All reservations are made on the day of your stay or any other day after the date of stay at any participating city centre hotel before 08: 00.

This offer is subject to availability at all participating Accor hotels and resorts in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, USA, and the Nashville Museum.

This offer is not valid for your group and cannot be combined with other current promotions or benefits. If your stay meets the conditions of several of these offers, your account will be credited with "linked" points (i.e. allowing you to earn more award points) if you are paid in part or in full with award points. This offer is only valid for members of the Accor Group and you are not entitled to receive this offer. For 10 days after the end of each stay, all award points will be credited to each member's account.

The bonus points you earn for this offer are calculated on the basis of the total number of points available in the Accor Group for each stay, not the number of bonus points.

To remove any doubt, reservations for more than one room will therefore only be considered for one stay. Bonus Points are offered to members who normally earn Award Points and Tier Points for Eligible Stays made after the Terms and Conditions of Use are applied.

More About Nashville

More About Nashville