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Most people travel to Nashville for the music scene, but the food landscape is absolutely on fire and the best restaurants in Nashville are also among the best in the country. The next time you're in Music City, dive into a delicious, authentic Nashville dining experience. Whether you're on a Nashville food tour, exploring on your own, or stopping by one of our local hotspots, you won't go hungry. We know Nashville is full of great places to eat, so how do you experience it yourself? You have to make your way through the music in the city again and again.

Get your fries and head to one of the city's most popular restaurants, such as Nashville's favorite burger joint, Nashville Fried Chicken, or a local favorite like the Bluebird Cafe.

Take a spoon and head to one of Nashville's most popular restaurants, such as Nashville Fried Chicken, or the Bluebird Cafe, where you can enjoy some of the city's most popular burgers.

Get your flakes and head to one of Nashville's most popular meat shops, such as the aforementioned Arnold's Country Kitchen. There's nothing wrong with this, as it's by far the most popular meat of the three in town. Avoid long queues and enjoy solid, homemade cafeteria-style food.

I dare say that I like the food at Green Pheasant more than at the Ramen Joint in East Nashville. They have a menu full of classic Southern dishes, but their by far my favourite are the two - and - a - ten jacks, which are not quite as good as the other two, but still good enough. This Nashville favorite has been a Nashville favorite for over 30 years - and it all starts with the fact that it's not a two-and-a-half jack. When it opened in 2013, Husk's was one of Nashville's most anticipated restaurants and reservations were in demand, though it was no longer new.

The advantage of this popularity is that Nashville's brunch options range from southern comfort to fine dining, and offer a wide selection of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you're visiting Nashville to try homemade barbecues or fiery hot chicken, or if the locals want to expand the circle of diners - right down to the joints - this guide will help you navigate through all the things of dining in Music City. There's a lot to choose from and help you decide what foods to try when you visit Tennessee, here's Our list of 11 must-have dishes - try them. If you want to eat fresh in Nashville, the Nashville Farmers' Market is a must. We guarantee you'll be enchanted by the variety of food on offer at Nashville's farmers markets and restaurants, so book your trip to visit before you eat.

One of the most popular places to try a Nashville staple is Prince's Cafe, and it's a great opportunity to experience one of Nashville's most iconic and popular restaurants - Prince's Cafe.

If you're in Nashville, be sure to visit Biscuit Love, where you'll find buttermilk biscuits that melt in your mouth and come in a variety of flavors. If you want to try some of the best - rated - corn breads in Tennessee, then visit Cafe Monell. Elvira's Cafe in Sevierville opens seasonally from March. Pancakes galore are on the menu, from pancakes to logs, from open stacks to a wide range of sandwiches and salads.

Monell's is located in historic Germantown, Nashville, and it's a place to grab something on the way to dinner. If you keep popping by Nashville, you'll miss this delicious home-style restaurant. This Nashville restaurant is a popular place with old-fashioned restaurants where you can join strangers and go out with friends.

If you've never heard the term "meat for three," then make this Nashville staple your starting point. If you're like me, you can't come to Nashville and not try, but for the Northerners it's a meat - for - three on the side that's to eat.

Nashville is, of course, synonymous with spicy chicken, and Hattie B's is one of the most popular places to get the fiery chicken. Invented in Nashville and popular beyond the city limits, it's a must-eat Nashville every day and every week you spend in the city. Pair a biscuit with some hot chicken for what could be the ultimate Nashville food combo and play crazy.

I love the time of day when there's a feeling Nashville's restaurants aren't that numerous, and this is one of the busiest weekend spots in town.

Nashville's food trucks are spreading far and wide, and East Nashville is throwing its Sunday fundays. This waterhole hosts a variety of local and regional food truck events, with an emphasis on local food and beverages.

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