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If you're looking for the best things to do in Nashville, TN, here are just a few suggestions for your bucket list. If not, we're not the only ones with ideas on how to spend your time in Nashville and the surrounding area. Here you will find everything you can do in Memphis, Tennessee: music, food, entertainment, art and even a little history. No list of the greatest things Nashville does to Tennessee would be complete without the Tennessee State Museum.

It has one of the largest music collections in the world and offers a wide range of music, art, culture, history and more. It's also a distinctive Nashville, Tennessee trademark and is easily one of the best things to do in Nashville. The Tennessee State Museum, the nation's oldest and largest museum, is a worldwide wonder, boasting more than 100,000 artifacts and artefacts from around the world.

If you're looking for a good attraction to put on your to-do list, consider a trip to the Nashville Zoo. Don't forget to plan a visit there, which is another Nashville must-see. If you want to visit Nashville and discover more things you can do while living in Music City, there is still a lot to do and places to explore.

If you're looking for a great Nashville attraction, try Germantown Gulch, as the original location in East Nashville is a little further away.

You won't see the villas, but if you really want to experience the full Nashville tourist experience, head down Broadway and stop at Nashville Music Hall. Tenn. try a dose of Nashville-style live music and try some local cocktails. Relax and take a walk to learn about the history of bourbon at Belle Meade in Nashville.

There are many outdoor activities to enjoy here, and if you're a nature lover wondering what to do in Nashville, Tennessee, consider a trip to Warner Parks. Other top Nashville attractions include wildlife exploration at Nashville Zoo and a visit to the Tennessee Museum of Natural History.

If you are a fan of waterslides and zip lines, this is one of the best places to visit in Nashville. If you are wondering where to go during your trip to Nashville, Tennessee, consider visiting the Hermitage and If you've compiled a list of vacation ideas for Nashville, visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and the museum. One of our best places to visit Nashville is the Tennessee Museum of Natural History, which houses some of Nashville's most famous attractions.

Located just north of Jefferson Street, Bicentennial Park and the Tennessee State Capitol make it a sought-after place to live. The original fort may not be a big attraction, but it is a great place for a stroll through the historic Nashville, Tennessee district. We recommend you visit some of the other attractions on your way out of town. You can also visit the Belmont Mansion to enjoy a fantastic view of downtown Nashville from the top of a hill.

The dual nature of the Hermitage is why it is considered one of Nashville's best tourist destinations and one of our favorite places in the country.

The Greek landmark has been one of Nashville's most popular attractions since it opened. Conveniently located in downtown Nashville, the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame and Museum celebrate the history of sports in Tennessee and across the country. There is no doubt that Country Music Hall of Fame is the crown jewel of Nashville's attractions. The park offers a wide range of music, art, music history and a wide range of entertainment.

The indispensable music experience in Nashville is the only place in the world where country, rock, blues, country music, hip-hop and rock "n" roll are all on the same stage. This is one of Nashville's most popular attractions and definitely to visit to experience music and entertainment.

The Grand Ole Opry, which made country music famous, has been running for nearly half a century. Founded in 1925, this legendary radio show helped Nashville win the title of Country Music Capital of the World.

The majestic Tennessee State Capitol, completed in 1859, is located in the heart of downtown Nashville, just blocks from the Music City Center. One of Nashville's top attractions is the Tennessee Museum of Natural History, located in the West End on 25th Avenue North.

During the day there are many great things to do to admire the Nashville skyline, but from the bridge you can have a fantastic view of the city. The bridge is a great experience for anyone who wants to do romantic things in Nashville for two or a group of friends or family members.

Check out our list of activities in Pigeon Forge, our guide to what to do in Chattanooga, and some of the things we've done in Nashville. For music lovers, there are some must-see sites, sites to skip and some good Nashville travel tips to make life a little easier on the go. We hope you enjoy our collection of fun things about Nashville while learning about Music City.

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