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The forecast for Nashville, Tennessee and the rest of the Middle Tennessee region this week predicts high temperatures in the mid-80s and mid-90s.

The Christmas tree will fall - off site at 7pm on Saturday, December 24, at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. This post was originally posted on the Nashville Tennessee Facebook page on Thursday, November 16, 2017.

The Christmas tree will be felled at 7 p.m. on Saturday, December 24, at Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jellico traffic updates report the condition of highways and roads, including interactive maps. Tennessee accidents are reported to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Tennessee Department of Transportation and Tennessee State Police.

The changing leaves of autumn are a beautiful sight, and the humidity and temperatures are low, so October is a good month to visit Nashville for warm weather activities. According to our tourism results, this is the best month of the year for visiting Nashville, Tennessee's second most popular tourist destination after Memphis.

Autumn colors usually peak in late October and early November, and the ample foliage provides an excellent view of the vibrant colors and foliage of the city. Spring is also a good time to explore the beautiful foliage in Nashville, as well as many parks and trails in Nashville. It also brings a lot of fun to our city with annual events such as the annual Nashville Music Festival, the Nashville Symphony Orchestra's annual Spring Concert Series and many more.

Overall, whether or not to visit Nashville in the summer depends on the heat and crowds that peak at this time of year. If you're planning a visit to Nashville this summer, be prepared for the possibility of an unusually sizzling heatwave.

While days in the 80s are still average, Nashville's average temperature has become more moderate in recent years. The climate in Tennessee brings rainfall in the summer, but not as much as in spring, often in the form of short thunderstorms. Add to that the fact that in Middle Tennessee, including Nashville, about a dozen tornado watches are issued annually, mostly in March, April and May, and at least one tornado has been sighted or encountered in MiddleTennessee this year. While the incidence of a tornado directly hitting Nashville is extremely rare, an average of 17 tornadoes hit Middle Tennessee each year, according to the National Weather Service.

There are plenty of events in Nashville all year round, so don't be afraid to visit in winter just because of the cold. While spring is pleasant and generally not cold, it can sometimes be cool, requiring sweaters and light jackets. Low temperatures up to 10 C and everything you need to be prepared for the day, the commute or the weekend.

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For the purposes of this report, Nashville's geographic coordinates are 1.5 miles east of the Tennessee-Kentucky state line. The city is located in the Elk Creek Valley, which runs perpendicular to the Tennessee-Kentucky lines.

Nashville is relatively temperate, and the Tennessee capital has temperatures in the extreme minus range. The mild winters make Nashville a paradise for visitors from the north, and the mild weather in the spring and summer months makes it a popular destination for visitors from the US and Canada. Nashville is compared to other major cities in Tennessee, such as Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville and Chattanooga, but it's not the norm. Nashville is one of the northernmost cities on the east coast of America.

Due to the growing degree days alone, the first spring blooms appear in Nashville in late March or early April, and appear in the mid to late spring and early summer months. Based on these figures, it is estimated that the best time to visit Nashville in terms of weather conditions is from mid-June to early September. The forecast can be made at a certain time, so use the time before, during or at any time you want.

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