Tough-as-nails rocker Elle King learns to love herself

Published 10-16-2018

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Tough-as-nails rocker Elle King broke out with her hit song "Ex's and Oh's" but after her own marriage ended in separation, depression set in. She turned to her bandmates that she nicknamed The Brethren to help her write her way out of her despair.

King said that each song she wrote for the new album, "Shake the Spirit," out Friday, helped move her further away from her sadness.

In a rural Texas studio, King struggled to get through the recordings without crying. But on the redemptive final song of the album, she declares she still has "a little bit of lovin' left in me."

King said that she's learned how to love herself and hopes that message resonates with others who are also feeling lonely.

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