The Most Under-the-Radar Food Towns in America

Published 08-09-2018

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When one thinks of the best food cities in the United States, a few obvious places come to mind. There's New York City, with its famous pizza and bagels. Los Angeles comes to mind, for its fresh produce and trendy, Instagram-worthy dishes. Calling Austin a destination for barbecue would be a bit of an understatement. And there's San Francisco, New Orleans, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, and so on. You know their names and their reputations. But what about the culinary destinations you don't think about at first.For the Most Under-the-Radar Food Towns in America Gallery, click here.Yes, those are the under-the-radar food cities. The smaller yet buzzing metropolises and quaint towns that consistently pump out stellar food and drink without the big-name reputation. There's Dallas, which often gets overlooked for its flashier sister cities. There's New Haven, Connecticut, which actually has better pizza than New York or Chicago. And there's Scottsdale, Arizona; Traverse City, Michigan; and Sacramento, California. You know these cities' names, but you don't know their food. Until now.We rounded up 20 of the best food towns in America that maybe you haven't thought of. What could they be? Click through to see what towns just might surprise you with their incredible food. Who knows? You could find your next foodie vacation.

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